Mummy’s Running

This is where I’ll be documenting my training & challenges for the various stupid things I get myself involved in !!!

June 5th 2014

I’ve been a bit slapdash it has to be said ! After my fall at the colour blast I struggled with my knee and upper arm … so basically gave up !! had a couple of weeks off .. went on holiday … and did NOTHING !! But now I’m back and whilst still struggling with my confidence I am determined to make this happen …

Last night I joined a new running group  called Jog Oakwood  and in the rain .. surrounded by runners of all abilities we headed off for a 4-5k run …. I was inevitably at the very back but I did it !! I struggled and my legs felt very very tired  but with such amazing support and encouragement … I  did it ! I really need to work on my breathing as I get so out of breath so quickly … after some very sage advice from Caroline about “breath bombing” … I managed to find an even breathing sequence and that helped me immeasurably and by the end I felt I was getting there !! Even though I looked like a big red blobbing ball of puff !!!

This morning I went for a 2 mile walk around the grounds of Elvaston Castle … not too taxing but a good stretch out for my legs !!!!

So I’m getting there folks … and no more ” breaks ” .. my body just won’t thank me …..


Oh before I forget I have signed up for a 10k in July in Nottingham ….. I really better shake a leg ….

May 8th 2014

I have 4 months to lose 5 stone and run 13.1 miles …. This isn’t even funny !!! OK realistically .. I could perhaps lose 1.5-2 stones and run a bit of the way !! That is if I hadn’t lost all motivation …  I am determined to do this .. well I kind of am .. No I really am !!  This is the emotional conflict I live with every day …  But the Great North Run isn’t going to complete itself .. and I have £500 to raise as promised to DBA UK     … so let’s get this show on the road ……





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