It’s all about us …

Hiya All

My name is Julia .. sometimes recognised by  @wannabefoodie76 .. or a wannabe foodie … most commonly known as Juju … Call me what you like .. as a mother of 3 boys I generally answer to most things ….. !! Some of you may read my other blog… A Wannabe Foodie  …However this one I am devoting entirely to my 3 beautiful blue eyed boys & our family (So there might be a few posts all about me … and things I like too ) !! The boys  pop up from time to time in the other blog but  I intend to use this blog to tell you all about our escapades as we muddle our way through life together .. the highs , the lows , the tears and tantrums ( of which there are many) the laughter and the joy ……… I’ll probably waffle on about other stuff too .. time will tell !!

So come and join me and Mummy’s blue eyed boys .. Billy (13) , Teddy (6) and Frankie (6) …  Freddie (Our Mad Staffie Pup aged 1 and a bit) ! and let us entertain you ……

Speak Soon,

Julia & the lads ..

I can be contacted for PR and review purposes at

We are PR friendly & welcome contact … 

Twitter @wannabefoodie76 

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** All views our our own unless otherwise stated**


Our Ted .. Derbados’ finest

Da Billster

As long as it’s sweet I’ll eat it ..


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