Book Review : The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again !


Have you ever found yourself sitting in a day dream  wondering what you will be like when you get old  ? I don’t mean 40 old … ( after all 40 is young isn’t it … ahem ?? ) I mean like old old …. ??? I had never really given it much thought until I started working with the elderly … and I sometimes find myself looking into their faces as I’m calling the bingo or serving them dinner and thinking * Who are you ? Who have you been ? What have you done ? What were your dreams ? ” Questions I don’t really get to ask them  but wish I did !! Now I look into myself and ask the question … who do I want to be ?

Well let me tell you .. in The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again ! you come across some fantastic characters who might give you some ideas ! A crack team of elderlies … the “Outlaw Oldies”  who take from the rich and give to the poor ! Quite the modern day Robin Hood and his Merry Men .. or in this case Martha and her League of Pensioners !

The book takes you on an adventure starting of in Las Vegas where the team pull off a simply stunningly beautiful casino heist  whilst inadvertently being party to a team of master jewel thieves … but it doesn’t stop there ! Under the façade of a group of honestly simple living old people who sew , play cards  and read mostly they plan and execute the most intricate of crimes … all for the greater good !!! You can’t help but love this clever bunch of Swedish oldies   never feeling slightly off kilter due to the obvious Swedish references and words  as these only serve to enhance the closeness of the reader to the characters .

I love how the author has invited us into this canny gang and we can wheel away with the adventure as they pit themselves against a gang of dangerous younger criminals to get the pot of gold ! I’m not going to  spoil the ending for you all but can you imagine what will happen ?? Old and genteel Vs Young & dangerous …. Who will prevail to get the biggest heist of their lives ?? Only time will tell …

So in answer to my question .. who do I want to be ? I’d love to be a breakfast liquer , whisky quaffing bank robber when i’m 80 odd  but in reality I want to have a good , interesting life  ( which may or may not .. it will … involve champagne and banks )  … one where if I’m sat in a lunch club aged almost 99  that I can say to the “young” girl  running it … I had a good life … sit down let me tell you about it ….  That’s who I want to be !!

I loved this book as you can probably tell … definitely a good exciting read for any reader ….  It’s a steal !!!!!

Catharina Ingelman-Sunburg  The Author

Catharina Ingelman-Sunburg
The Author


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