Weight Watchers Week One

Well Christmas is over once more … and the saving begins again !! Whilst it may have left me with an empty purse it appears it also left me with a few extra pounds in weight ! Cheers for that !! Of course I can’t blame Christmas entirely … I was the one wantonly stuffing chocolates and sugared almonds down my throat and happily quaffing champers and gallons of wine … and it was me who upon opening my Mum’s fridge discovered the delights of Alcoholic dandelion and burdock … I kid you not !!!

Anyhow … I decided now is my time to act … I turn 40 in 12 months time and I do not want to be fat at forty ! So I weighed up the odds .. bit the proverbial bullet and joined a weight watchers meeting … ! I wouldn’t say I was overly surprised at the weight the scales blatantly displayed … flashing away in my pudgy face with an almost audible sigh of relief as I stepped off … but I was disgusted in myself ! I’m bigger now than I ever was when full term pregnant with twins !! How bad is that ??? So I got my book from my new leader , listened to her spiel and headed home to discover the new me …

The first week was great .. religiously counting and tracking my pro points of  everything I ate and drank .. using my weekly extras to indulge in a glass of wine or 2 .. or 3  ! I never felt deprived of anything as I could have what I wanted … or choose a healthy alternative … I found myself cooking proper meals … instead of relying on my old friends at Spice of Life … and in return for my good behaviour the tale of the scale on my first weekly weigh in  was a loss of 3lb !!! I’m happy with that !!

Next weigh in is next Tuesday …. I’ve not been as good this week but I have been exercising so i’m hoping to balance of the loss with extra workouts !!! We shall see ….. Stay tuned x

My Before picture

My Before picture


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