The Nativity !!! The results are in ….

Well it’s all go in this house right now … the nativity parts have been allocated !!! I have one choir member and a King Herod … !! Not just a King Herod … a King Herod with A LINE !!! One whole line …!!! I’m not sure if Teddy could actually be any more excited !!! Frank is totally nonplussed by it all and is spending his time practising the songs and thinking about how to accessorize his dressing gown and tea towel ensemble !!!

They have taken to googling and you tubing other primary schools renditions of the songs they are learning … It’s so funny to watch ! So Funny but so amazing …. these two fantastic little boys so immersed in the Christmas Story ! Sometimes I think my heart might burst !!!

Don’t worry I’ve not forgotten Billy – he’s still 14 and still PS4 obsessed !! I can’t wait to drag him to Carols by Candlelight …. ** evil laugh**

So I’ll keep you posted … King Herod and a singer in the choir … this Nativity is going to ROCK !!

You tubing the nativity !!

You tubing the nativity !!