Spudtastic Times at The national Forest Adventure Farm

boysand forks

The boys and I have found a new favourite place … and it’s literally on our doorstep !! We were invited during the summer to try out the National Forest Adventure Farm  in Burton on Trent  … so off we went totally unsure of what to expect !! It was brilliant … the boys adored the indoor play area with its abundance of slides  and ball pit and nets and …and … well lets just say we could easily have lost them in there for hours and they wouldn’t have blinked an eye !!

We then went outside   and played on tractors , petted the baby animals … ooohed and aaaahed at the calves and the piglets …. milked the cow … raced  the go karts … played on the assault course … looked longingly at the super soakers ….. !!! So much to do  …

We moved on and discovered the scarecrows … !! We MADE a scarecrow or two .. joining in with the world record breaking attempt for the most scarecrows !!! We are now world record holders … amazing !!!



We then went on to the Maize Maze where we promptly got lost for an age … finally reaching the exit after an hour in the sunshine !! At times I thought we’d be lost for ever !!!  Such alot of fun !!


We packed so much into one day we couldn’t wait to go back …. and so we did .. last month when we were invited to go potato picking !!! By now the Maize maze had shut for the winter months ready for replanting for next summer but that didn’t hold us back … after playing on everything again , seeing all the animals again , watching the pig racing ( yes really ) …


playing Frisbee Golf ( Yes … really !)  and going on the barrel stampede we headed  over to the potato field where we had loads of fun harvesting our own spuds !! The boys got all farmerific on me and wielded their pitchforks with aplomb … I was a very proud Mum that day !!


With bags of spuds in hands and sweat on our brows … we headed back to the go karts and played a little more !!!!

We have had two fantastic days out courtesy of the National Forest Adventure Farm  … and I know you and yours will too if you give it a try !!! We love it so much we are going back again  in a few weeks for the Pumpkin harvest and the Hallowe’en Half Term Spooktacular …. and I simply can’t wait for the Special Christmas Events in the pipeline !!!

We have landed on our feet finding this gem on our doorstep … Go try it out !!  We’ll probably be there ….