Redundant Mum


A couple of weeks ago I was solemnly requested to attend a meeting to discuss my role in my place of work . I duly attended the meeting to be informed in a rather smug ( in my opinion) way that my role was to be made redundant .. MY ROLE .. not me … ! That was made most clear on several occasions …. However as follows in this situation , without a role I was in fact redundant ! So after a few hiccups and consultations and with a great big ball of “so what?” in my tummy I happily walked out of my place of work on Wednesday afternoon … never to return !

I say happy as to be honest I had not been in love with the job for quite some time… I’d worked there for almost 5 years and had quite frankly found the majority of my working hours there tedious , tiresome and completely against everything I ever wanted in a job . That said , whilst the children were small it served a great purpose enabling me to stay in work and be flexible around my husbands job and the kids nursery and then schooling !

So my “payout” isn’t huge but it will see us through the summer if we budget wisely meaning I can spend an entire summer with my 3 boys … an entire summer ! For the first time in 7 years !!!  I am so looking forward to that I’m almost in tears … They will drive me potty  and there will be ructions … but I’ll be here .. at home .. where I belong !!!

I will miss my colleagues , that’s to be expected … I will miss seeing my Mum every day ( we worked in the same place) … But I will not miss that job .. I will not miss that management structure .. and for the first time I will not miss my boys …  Being redundant isn’t ideal and I will need to find a job but for now I’m happy being Mum … messy , stroppy , tired , harrassed , smiley and happy Mummy !!!

Reduntant Mum ? Nope … happy Mum … bring on OUR SUMMER !!!!


4 responses to “Redundant Mum

  1. Having seen your FB posts it’s been clear that the job has been making you unhappy for sometime. I hope you have a wonderful Summer with your boys and find a new challenge in the Autumn that you love. Great to see you this weekend xxx

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