What ? No Tea ?


I am not a coffee fan … I may partake in a hazelnut latte every once in a while but thats as far as coffee goes for me …. Tea however … that’s like my life blood ( along with a  crisp chilled sauvignon blanc of course) ! So when the doctor told me I had to steer clear of caffeine from now on ( although allowing me my morning cuppa … phew) I felt like she’d just chopped my arm off … I could have cried !!! So I’m heading out on a mission now to find the best caffeine free alternatives … I do like a cup of green tea of an afternoon so perhaps I need to train myself to drink more of that ….

This is a scary quest for me … I’m going to become one of those women who orders a pot of hot water in a coffee shop and surreptisiously plonks my own bag in the cup without anyone seeing … I’ll be the freak who brandishes her own box of bags as she enters her friends homes  … I don’t want to be the beardy weirdy herbal tea evangelist …  I just want a good cuppa char !!!

I’m trying to imagine life without my tanin stained DCFC mug filled to the brim with thick dark tea with a dash of milk … the mug that is refilled time and time again throughout the day to sate my addiction to the good stuff !!! It’s just simply not cricket banning my brew …  So join me on this intrepid adventure into a caffeine free life !!!

What will they ban me from next … I dread to think …..


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