Colour Blast Dash

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Last weekend the boys and I headed off with the mother to Darley park in Derby ! We were dressed appropriately , running numbers attached , and had a spring in our step ! Me & my 3 darlings were about to take part in the Colour Blast Dash for The Laura Centre ( A facility to help bereaved children & young people) !! Now I don’t know about you but I envisaged us running the course together , getting covered in a rainbow of colour whilst the sun shone !! I do live in a little Juju bubble at times …. However … the reality was :


It rained and rained and rained … !! Spirits were not dampened  .. we were still very excited  as we threw packets of paint into the air during the Colour release party …


Colour Release party

Colour Release party

and then we ran ! The boys after only a few paces decided Mummy was far too slow so under strict instruction to stay together and listen to Bill at all times .. the 3 blue eyed boys ran off and joined the crowd surging through the park running through massive puddles and muddy banks … all the while waiting for the next colour blast station ! The pure glee on the boys faces was just about enough to make my heart burst with pride ! Yet still the rain fell .. harder now , faster now , relentless …. and the Colour blasters kept on blasting as we ran !

Approaching the last colour blast station I managed to lose my footing trying to run around a family and down I came .. crashed like a very unladylike sack of spuds !! I got up , laughed at myself and carried on …. I saw my Mum cheering me on at the sidelines .. and I ran ! I ran until I was virtually blinded by the rain at which point I thought I had better slow down and watch my footing ( which incidently I couldn’t do as my glasses were so wet !!)  I reached the finish line to whoops and waves from my 3 boys who all looked a little bedraggled … covered in a rainbow of orange , green , blue , pink and yellow paint ….  I’m guessing I didn’t look much better !!!  We had done it … I was so proud of my boys !

We had an awesome time despite the rain !!! Will we do it again …. YOU BETCHA !!!

Slightly worse for wear .. but happy !!! (and wet ...)

Slightly worse for wear .. but happy !!! (and wet …)


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