Why won’t they sleep ??

I’m scared … I’m really scared ! As much as I whinge and moan about doing EVERYTHING in this blasted house … the husband actually virtually always does bedtime with the boys .. mostly because he goes out to work so early and arrives home after their teatime so bedtime is their time .. but also because the boys actually lie down and go to sleep after the story ! Just like that !!


Tonight , after the story  , the husband immediately went out to the supermarket with the teen … so he could get the last bits he needs to pack and Bill because he saw a chance to schmooze down the PS4 aisle … ! The twins heard the telltale slam of the door … and all hell broke loose !! Shreiks and screams and peals of laughter … fighting and laughing .. laughing and fighting … pounding up & down the stairs … Excuses of scary stories  … too hot , too cold , can’t sleep … a few words of wisdom from me and they are tucked up back in bed .. until I step on the top stair … and all hell breaks loose again …. Big sigh .. deep breath … Mummy hollers … 4 big wide blue eyes staring at me as I rant & rave about going to blummin bed .. and stoppages of sweet privileges  … and maybe Mummy just wants 5 minutes peace …and then I tuck them up and again walk away …  and , yep you guessed it .. all hell breaks loose again .. albeit slightly quieter .. but I can still hear the giggles … those conspiratory giggles that always strike fear in my heart … but I walk away .. another big sigh and wait for Chris & Bill to come home …

You may be wondering why I’m scared ? Well Chris is escaping .. I mean heading off to partake in the Scumrun 2014 tomorrow morning … Leaving me home alone with the 3 boys for a week  … I may not survive this ordeal !! Please check in on me from time to time … I’m already trembling ….

So please help me … WHY WON’T THEY SLEEP ????



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