Teddy’s Pre Op

The twins have suffered with glue ear since they were around 12 months old .. maybe even earlier !! It’s not a pleasant thing to deal with .. not for them or us ! It’s a yucky sticky overflow oozing from the inner ear and often dripping off onto their clothes .. constant bouts of ear drops and antibiotics didn’t ever help very much for very long ! So before their 2nd birthday they went into hospital to have bilateral grommets … yes two children on the same day one after the other on the theatre list ! No stress or anything !!!

Now whilst for Frank the grommets did the job and he was discharged from the ENT dept 12 months later , for Ted it was a completely different story !For 4 more years he has battled on until now .. it has got to the point where his clear ear days are far far fewer than his icky ucky gunky ear days ! It’s got to the stage where his peers are noticing the rancid smell of rotting flesh coming from his left ear … it’s got to the point where my outgoing , school loving , everybody’s pal little boy is clingy & doesn’t want to go to school ! So we have said yes to the docs .. we have said go ahead to the surgeon .. My baby is having a tympanoplasty …(the surgical operation performed for the reconstruction of the eardrum (tympanic membrane)!)

I’m not going to lie but I feel physically sick when I think of him going under a GA . I become engulfed by this all encompassing panic … but I know that for his quality of life that I have to sweep aside all my own nueroses .. all my own fears .. and be a strong supportive Mummy for my boy !! it’s hard .. but I have to , to make sure he is calm & settled and ready to face the weeks of pain & healing to come …

Today we had his pre op .. and my brave little boy answered all the questions , watched the DVD very closely and was happy to ask questions > He was weighed , measure, had his blood pressure and pulse rate measured .. and he took it all in his stride .. I couldn’t have been more proud !

Now we just wait for next Tuesday … and we say our prayers !! Oh and we eat burgers and smile …..