It’s happening … December that is !!


Well folks .. it’s happening ! It really is .. December has arrived and Christmas looms … ! The boys are all excited .. in their own little way … The twins are busy preparing for the school nativity play  where Frank is an Angel (oh the irony) and Ted is a Roman Soldier !!! (Because he needs the encouragement and all that … sarc!!)  and they are spending their evenings regaling me with tales of rehearsals and a constant buzz of carols in my ear ( My poor head …) ! The teenager is just looking forward to a fortnight of unadulterated Xboxing …. of not having to get dressed ever and living for that constant IV drip of Mountain Dew !!

The husband will be working .. as a lorry driver delivering gas  he’s always needed … pubs ,restaurants, hospitals etc are still open .. so the wagons are still rollin’ !!!

Me ? I’m running around like the proverbial fly with blue bits  trying to satisfy all my customers  cake & confection needs , trying to organise a Christmas Fair  for charity ( Incidently .. anyone local it’s at Boulton lane baptist Church , Alvaston , Derby December 14th 10 am -1pm ) Alll money raised is for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in honour of a special young man I have known since he was born who lives with this dreadful illness ….. and the Boulton Lane Community Garden Project !


Anyway .. on top of this I’ll be making sure that those blue eyed boys of mine have a fantastic , fun filled Christmas time … Keep an eye on the blog for what we get up to !! (Sssssh don’t tell the boys but we’re off to see Santa this week ….. !! Wooohoooooooo !! )

I hope you’re all enjoying this period of Advent .. let’s no forget to sit and reflect during this period !!! Along with all the fun , games , love and laughter (and sometimes tears) … let’s remember what Christmas is all about ! For me it represents FAMILY … being a family , a community  !! And that’s how I like it !!! Merry Christmas …. (I’m sure thats not the last time I’ll say that this year ) xx

sunday 083


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