The Anagranimals ….

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” Far , far away, beyond the mountains and across the sea , on the banks of a mighty lake and shrouded in trees , lies a mysterious land called Pogo Bogo …. ” and it’s here we meet the group of friends who are to become The Anagranimals …..

The story introduces us to the characters of George the Giraffe , Pedro the Pig , Heidi the Hippo , Rocky the Rhino, Ebeneezer the Elephant and Lancelot the lion  and we follow them through this adventure of them making a wish at the Wishing Tree  and become a mishmash of each other and other Pogo Bogo animals  … so Rocky the Rhino  becomes  a Rhino- Parra -Rog !!! And as for the others .. they all become other weird and wonderful animal creations … and so the Anagranimals are born ….

The story engaged the twins fully .. they loved the concept of the animals all getting mixed up and were excited to work out just exactly what animals had mixed into the others … ! The story is cleverly written to target the 5-8 year age market and fits perfectly into that demographic ! the boys enjoyed reading along with me , each taking it in turn to read a page each  thus being able to be more involved in the story !!

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A thoroughly enjoyable book  filled with intrigue , excitement , fun and laughter … Perfect for a bedtime read ! I would recommend this story and am looking forward to the next book in the series … however .. if you didn’t want to wait for the next book .. there is the option to go online and see what adventures the intrepid group of friends delve into next ….

Life on Pogo Bogo will never be the same again ……….

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You can find out more at

The Anagranimals and the Wishing Tree by Leith Moghli ( Illustrations by Ian King)  was sent to me to review .


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