Squashies …

We all love sweets … as much as we shouldn’t we just do ! I have memories of growing up munching away on love hearts , drumstick lollies , refreshers and double lollies …. !! My favourite were the love hearts .. with there fizzy fruity burst in your mouth and their innocent messages of love …. For saying I was a bit of a tomboy , the squishy messages always made me smile !!!

Imagine how happy I was when I was sent a big boxful of sweeties from Swizzels Matlow  … and imagine my utter glee  at discovering the brand new range of sweets were actually my childhood favourites in squashy form !!!!!! Oh my oh my !!! There before me lay bag upon bag of SQUASHIES !!! Drum sticks , refreshers , double lollies and ….. LOVE HEARTS !!!!! My heart almost burst with joy …. ( Yes I truly do love sweeties ) !!!


The boys swooped down on the bags of sweets each claiming their favourite as their own ….  They loved them !! Their favourite sweeties in chewy , squishy , squashy goodness … ! Once they got over the fact their would be no crunch they wolfed them down …. The boys thought they were great ! Frankie even saving a few in the bag for later  as he didn’t want the bag to end ….

I managed to salvage a couple of the little bags  and used them to decorate my nephews 2nd birthday cupcakes … The whole family thought that was a fabulous idea ( and  I have squirrelled it away  to use another time ) Perfect adornment for birthday cakes , wedding cakes , engagement cakes  or any party cake !! Quick and simple yet incredibly effective  with the added bonus of Swizzels Matlow  Squashies childhood favourites to add that little bit extra to the party … it’s definitely a conversation starter !


In all , the Squashies were an absolute triumph !! Definitely a must have for any child ( oh Ok and adult ….) when the sweetshop beckons !! Go buy a bag .. see for yourself !

Available in most sweetshops , supermarkets , corner shops …….. GO GO GO GET SQUASHIE !!!!!

( Many apologies for the lack of photographs but sadly my phone got stolen taking all my photographs with it 😦 !! )

Many thanks to Swizzels Matlow for providing me & the boys with the products for review.


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