Legoland Discovery : Manchester

sunday 133

Lego ! I love Lego … the husband loves Lego … the teenager loves Lego .. the twins love Lego ! We love Lego ! We are a Lego loving family ! So when given the opportunity to visit Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester … we jumped at the chance !!

Legoland Discovery can be found in the Trafford Centre … so very easy to find and as an added bonus it’s free parking !!!!!

When we got to Legoland Discovery we were greeted by a cheery bunch of staff and were escorted through to have our photo taken with a lifesize Lego Buzz Lightyear … where it was discovered that the teenager is now taller than me ! Much to his glee … ! By this time the twins were getting so excited I wasn’t sure they would be able to contain themselves !! So after big cheesy grins and much laughter we headed upstairs in the lift to be greeted by Professor Brick a Brick who gave us a little tour of the “factory” … where we got to learn all about how lego is made !

sunday 091 - Copy - Copy

The twins joined in with pushing buttons , twiddling knobs and generally being factory helpers .. they loved it ! Then each child was given a souvenir block of lego to keep ! Brilliant !

We then moved onto the Kingdom Quest Laser ride … shooting the baddies with our lasers .. racking up points to become the champion !! I’m pleased to announce that I was victorious and got the most points .. with my double whammy of laser guns … However .. I’m not so chuffed to tell you that Frank, ie claimed my points as his own and declared himself the winner ! A much contested result by our back seat driver … the teenager !! Happy families eh ???

sunday 095 - Copy - Copy

We moved on through Miniland where we raced horses .. espied the Eiffel tower and boogied with The Beatles before  running off to Lego racers: Build & Test where we all made our own cars and raced them down ramps of all sizes ! I wasn’t much good at this to be honest … so I just took the pictures 🙂 The boys and the husband thought it was brilliant and got thoroughly stuck in for AGES !! In fact at one point  I thought that was it … that I’d be there for the rest of my God given days …. Until I found the 4D cinema next door and discovered a film was due to start in 4 minutes !

sunday 097 - Copy - Copy

We rushed into the queue and eagerly awaited our cinematic experience ! The cinema experience was phenomenal … to hear the boys gasp and giggle and woooooah and aaaaaaah as the film unfolded … the smoke , the rain and snow falling onto us from the skies !! A truly fabulous time !!! It was great .. all 5 of us united in pure enjoyment …..! It was so good we left the cinema and got back in the queue for the next film .. The Legends of Chima !!

sunday 112

The rest of the day went so quickly with Merlins  Apprentice ride (that was my daily exercise quota) , the Lego Fire Academy , Lego Forest Pursuit and the Master Model builder workshop (the teenager attended this and really enjoyed it ) …. !!! Then off into the Legends of Chima .. with playstations and pots of lego to build the figures … followed by a good browse around the shop ( I’ll definitely be headed back there before Christmas !!) !

sunday 110 - Copy

The website suggests you allow 2-3 hours for your visit and quite honestly without trying we spent well over 3 hours there and could easily have stayed longer ….!! We didn’t use the cafe but the prices seemed reasonable and the variety of cold foods on display seemed varied and plentiful !!

My only criticism .. if criticism is the correct word  is that  the Master model Builder workshop encouraged children to learn how to build a lego guitar but then to keep that model it was expected of you to pay £3 .. this I thought was a little unfair as the entry price of the attraction isn’t that cheap !!!

sunday 126

In all a fabulous time was had by all … Quotes of the day

Teddy ” Mummy that was awesome”

Frankie ” I love you Mummy … you take us to the best trips ”

Billy ( the teenager) ” Actually I really enjoyed today Mum”

The Husband ” Yeah it was alright wasn’t it ? ”

Me ” FAB”

One happy little family !!! Legoland Discovery Centre is definitely worth a visit … make a day of it …  !!

sunday 130

Many Thanks to Legoland Discovery Centre for the complimentary entry to the attraction .


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