School’s Back …


Well , those 6 weeks went amazingly quickly yet at times excruciatingly slow … and now I sit here in an empty house watching trashy TV and drinking HOT tea … HOT !!! Ahhhh it’s been a long time coming !

I’ve loved having the boys home and I love that they’re back at school … The twins are now in Year two and it seems the teacher is easing them in gently with 2 “activity” days to start the year .. the boys seem happy & settled  and the teacher seems to have got them pegged already … Good Luck to her I say :))  I think Monday might be a shock to the boys system …. eeek !! ( Good job we’ve got a trip to Legoland Discovery & Sealife in Manchester on Sunday to soften the blow … )

Billy has been back at school since August 21st as he goes to the Academy so only gets a short summer holiday ( 4 weeks is more than enough in my opinion … come on schools of Derby drop in line)  … He is doing amazingly … and came home last week with a letter exclaiming he has been identified as ” dead clever innit” ( His words not the schools ) and has been elected to study towards and entry level qualification in Mandarin .. this on top of all his other year 9 studies ! The boy got brains !!! He had his first lesson yesterday and loves it … I on the other hand struggle with his constant  insistence of speaking in German .. now I have Manadarin to contend with … aaaaaaaaargh ! But as long as he’s happy … so am I !! ( And pretty darned proud I am to !)

So as I sit here cringing at JK … allowing my once HOT tea to go cold .. I sigh a happy sigh that the boys are content , clever and happy …and head off to reboil the kettle !!!! 


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