Sodastream : Getting Busy With the Fizzy

As children , me , my sister and my brother mithered and bothered and whinged and moaned and cried and sulked our parents into buying a superduper never been seen before Sodastream ! A magical machine that fizzed up your common old garden tap water and then you added sticky syrups  until voila … You had fizzy pop !!!! Now it lost a bit of favour as the 80’s ebbed away and the 90’s entered our lives … however I am so pleased to say that right here , right now in 2013 .. Sodastream has landed back in our lives with an almighty ..FIZZZZZZZZZ !!!Image


Now I don’t know about you but the very fact that I can have diet cola quite literally at my fingertips makes me smile …. and not only that but I can have virtually any fizzy drink you can think of .. with the added bonus of being able to regress to childhood and whilst the water is being fizzed .. my tummy is also fizzing with excitement (I know !!!). Add to that , that all the kids absolutely love it … to the point that at one point I had a kitchen full of boys ages ranging from 13 to 6 all mesmerised by this magnificent machine .. greeting the litre of cola with an almighty “Wooooah”, The Sodastream stands tall and proud on the sideboard !! Sodastream is a winner …. for sure !!

Now you can have so many different flavours .. so far we’ve tried about 10 “soft” drinks (with many more to try)and 3 fabulous “adult” drinks … Cocktails !! They are actually non alcoholic unless you add booze yourself … that’s your call but it means everyone can have a cosmopolitan .. or a mojito .. or a margerita .. whether they are driving or not !! GENIUS !! Cocktails & mocktails in one little magic syrup pocket !!!


I can honestly say that our Sodastream Source is a very welcome addition to our family home .. and so far the novelty hasn’t worn off … even with the boys !! They are busy deciding on their next flavours as I type .. it’s looking likely to be Dr. Pete , Hghland Fizz and Dandelion & Burdock !! Me …?  I’m heading straight to the margerita !!! YUM !!!!

Welcome back Sodastream … It’s been a while but I’m glad you’re back xx 


Go see what you can get at … you won’t be disappointed !


Our SodaStream Source was very kindly provided by Sodastream for review.



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