Days Out : Sudbury Hall






As a wedding anniversary present we were bought a family membership to the National Trust .. and so one afternoon when the boys had quite simply had enough of each other and all the joys that a wet and un-sunlit garden can bring  we decided to bundle them in the car and head on over to one of our local national trust buildings ! We are very lucky to live within a few miles of numerous NT houses , halls , gardens & buildings  … and so we decided upon Sudbury Hall & Museum of Childhood  with the knowledge that a) the kids love to outdoor play area and walking around the grounds and b) if the rain came again we could hot foot it into the museum of childhood and the boys would love that just as much !! Sudbury is somewhere my own Mum used to bring me & my sister and brother when ( I presume from hindsight) that she needed to escape and get 3 mithering little children out into the fresh air ….


Sudbury has ample parking facilities just a short walk from the hall … You do have to cross quite a busy road but there is relevant signage to warn you of this ! Once across the road you are met with an impressive building … always an awesome sight ! Around the side of the hall you will find a wide open picnic area … along with a gift  shop . museum shop and a cafe ( A tad pricey if I’m being honest .. 4 drinks cost us £8.15 !! 2 apple juices , a dandelion & burdock and a water !!! ) Then through an archway in the trees the magic begins to unfold ….

In a tree covered copse you will find a playground of dreams … a place for every little boy and girl to allow their imaginations to run wild … from a pirate ship .. to a climbing wall .. a swing of gargantuan proportions ( well big enough for my 3 to swing comfortably) .. to a roundabout  only a child could work out how to use … balancing beams and the rickety old bridge …. not to mention trees to climb .. Everyone should climb a tree at some point in their lives …hours of fun at a cost of ZERO !!!!! But memories being made everywhere you look …


The weather improved so much on our visit that we didn’t need to go into the hall or the museum of childhood … we didn’t even take up the clipboard challenge to look at all the creatures and find out more about whats in and around Sudbury … we figured we’d save that for another day !! The boys were happy to play …(with only a break for ice creams , juice and a wander by the river) and who I am I to stop little boys from playing …. Imaginations running wild … dreams being met and memories being stored …… !! Sudbury Hall ….Well worth a visit !!!!









2 responses to “Days Out : Sudbury Hall

  1. I love NT! Never been to Sudbury, but perhaps I will add it to the to-do list next time I’m in the area! Did you notice whether it was doggy friendly? Only my ‘child’ has 4 legs rather than 2 lol

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