Bananagram- arama …..

Day Two of the summer holidays and I’d started to rock in a corner grasping a mug of lukewarm tea …The boys were running wild … The dog had chewed my favourite pants … Was there no end to this .. ? Until I remembered the fantastic goodie bag I’d received at Blog on MOSI ( A conference for Northern bloggers I’d attended at the weekend !)  In the bag were two games for the kids from Bananagrams UK … Appletters &  Pairs in Pears !! Fantastic word games for the kids to enjoy together !

The games are in packaging shaped like the fruit .. so automatically the twins were hooked .. Even Billy with his teenage sullen grunts was mildly interested in what could be done with these funky little packages …

Apples & Pears ..So the boys set about playing Appletters .. a great game which encourages the players to form words and build a word worm ! The boys thoroughly enjoyed calling each other “Rotten Apples” when one of them made a small error .. yet they all worked together beautifully to ensure that everyone got a turn and created a word they could be proud of ! Some of the words were slightly dubious .. but we let that go ! 20130725_141705 These games kept all 3 boys entertained for well over an hour  !( Which meant I got to get a HOT cuppa!!)  A genius concept .. making learning fun !! We all loved the games … I’ve even packed them in their suitcase for their weekend with the Grandparents !! Well done Bananagrams .. Now I need to complete the set …. We’re hooked !!!!

You can find out about Bananagrams at …  Go on .. you won’t regret it !!!!








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